Malware is back……

To keep your anti-virus program up to date and minimize the chance of getting infected and potentially losing your valuable data, follow our tips below:

Operating System

If you are not running Windows 10, your computer is more vulnerable to attack. Upgrading from Windows 7, 8 or 8.1 is free. Most computers that were bought with Windows 7 and above can normally be upgraded without issue.


Keep your anti-virus program up to date. We do advise paying for the software as “Free” versions of anti-virus programs do not always provide you with adequate cover. KD REPAIR HOUSE  recommends AVG.

 Anti-Malware Software

Whilst you cannot run 2 anti-virus programs on your computer, you can run separate anti-malware software. We strongly recommend Malware bytes. This is a nonsense program that you can manually run and easily remove any malware that has gotten on to your computer

Don’t Forget….

You can help your computer stay safe. Keep your computer up to date, only open email attachments from a sender you recognize and never allow anyone to remotely access your computer unless you know 100% who they are. Ensure you have a local and a cloud backup procedure in place. If you need any help with the above, contact KD REPAIR HOUSE today.

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